Treaty Report

Joseph Kotran

Treaty Underwriting - MENA

The Middle East North African (MENA) region is witnessing the most competitive re/insurance operating environment ever. This is due in part to the lack of major catastrophic disasters. Other reasons include the introduction of obligatory insurance for Motor and other lines giving rise to increased insurance awareness, and the growth potential of the MENA region, due to favorable economic factors and demographics. In sum, there has been a continuous influx of local and foreign capital into the region, leading to the present surfeit of re/insurance capacity.

Within the MENA region, disciplined underwriting is essential in order to develop a healthy and profitable portfolio of Treaty business.

When providing Treaty capacity, whether proportional or non-proportional, we only support the most reputable, leading companies in each market, whose reinsurance programs are correctly structured. This we do as a following market offering meaningful support lines behind internationally recognized leaders After three years of operations we have been able to secure business relationships with almost all of our target companies. Going forward, our goal is to develop these business relationships on a mutually beneficial basis.

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