Bonds Report

Hikaru Uno

Bonds & Specialty Lines - LATAM

Our Bonds Portfolio has been growing steadily on 2014. We planned ahead by concentrating our efforts into new business opportunities on the LATAM market due to the high government investments on infrastructure projects. International clients have also given us a competitive advantage over other players, especially with our office in Spain and Italy, with contractors coming to LATAM.

We have also strengthened our geographic spread by establishing direct insurance companies on key markets like Panama and Colombia. This has leaded us to have more reach on the business.

Market has grown considerably with new players and new capacities. We have kept our conservative underwriting in order to avoid falling into the market tendencies and will continue to strive our strong relationship with clients that have been the result of our continued success.

We foresee a region with continuous projects ahead and will concentrate our efforts on markets we believe will be the key differentiators. Our regional offices in Spain and Italy will compliment this growth.

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